We just saved some penguins. We are not done.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has recognized that from a total of 18 species of penguins, 13 of these species are either severely threatened or endangered. There is a high risk of penguins becoming extinct by 2050 as there has been a 60% decline of the species since 1950. Factors such as oil spillages are affecting penguins’ body temperatures in colder waters and penguins often mistake human rubbish for food within the ocean. Plastics also play a heavy role in the cause of penguin decline, since they take around 450 years to disintegrate. The continuous build-up in the ocean – 130,000 tonnes of plastic each year – is causing a momentous effect on the penguins’ habitat.

Penguin chicks

The $tipsy team is alarmed at these statistics and in keeping true with our vision, we endeavor to make a difference. The Paradise Wildlife Park has a colony of sixteen African penguins which are listed by the IUCN as endangered. African penguins are one of the smallest penguin species averaging around 45cm and can be located on the Southern Coast of Africa up to the Western Coasts of Namibia. They typically have very distinctive features, such as their sharp-pointed beaks and black feet. Penguins as a species are flightless, who are primarily endemic to the Southern Hemisphere, however, a large number of species live in warmer climes and closer to human environments. Though penguins don’t have wings, their flippers have allowed the species to evolve to become one of the most expert swimmers within some of the world’s coldest oceans. Some species of penguins are known for reaching up to speeds of fifteen miles per hour. African penguins are no exception to this, as they swim against strong currents on the coasts of Southern Africa. However, through human causation, African penguin numbers are declining due to hazards frequently occurring.

TipsyCoin has conducted studies and has exercised due diligence as part of our process to support charities. We have adopted 50 penguins to support the Paradise Wildlife Park since they have a successful breeding program and have been fortunate with their colony couples who have consistently bred throughout the years. Paradise Wildlife Park has an incredible zoo-keeping team who dedicate their time and efforts to continuously and consistently create safe and comfortable environments for their penguins. Their penguins hold very unique and cheeky personalities with their favorite time of the day being feeding times, where they get to enjoy all sustainably sourced fish scraps mimicking their diets in the wild.

Paradise Wildlife Park is a registered charity (under The Zoological Society of Hertfordshire no.1108609) that supports wildlife conservation projects in the UK and globally. This is TipsyCoin’s first step to protect penguins in their natural habitats and in zoos that work with international breeding programs to cultivate a genetic pool. This is also the beginning of a long-term partnership with Paradise Wildlife Park, as $tipsy makes the world a better place.

This post has been supplemented with information from Paradise Wildlife Park.

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