Updates: TipsyVerse and Staking

Hello TipsyFam!

During the bear market, many projects tend to disappear or lay-off many employees. With TipsyVerse, we pride ourselves in the complete opposite — by continuing to build and communicate. Recently, we’ve expanded our team and hired more talented individuals to help execute our vision for the TipsyVerse. You can view our updated team here.

TL;DR – We’re ecstatic with the level of production from our team, and thankful for the patience of our community. TipsyVerse 1.0 is scheduled to release at the end of August. 

Starting today, we will be distributing our blog posts bi-weekly to ensure our community remains up-to-date on our current events. We will commence by covering updates within the TipsyVerse — followed by updates within our ecosystem. 

Let’s Begin!

Official TipsyVerse 1.0 is scheduled to release end of August

With our team and foundation growing, we are proud to announce that TipsyVerse 1.0 should be ready for release by the end of August. We’re ecstatic with the level of production from our team, and thankful for the patience of our community. Leading up to release, we will be revealing tons of fun previews and gameplay trailers — as well as deploying new content and tests on the beta. 

Completed (summarized): 

  1. Game Narrative
    The main narrative of the game’s story has been improved and finalized.
  2. Navigation System
    A new game system that helps players navigate through quests, find NPCs, and save waypoints.
  3. TipsyStake
    Stake $tipsy to receive $gin, our in-game currency.

Example of how the navigator works

In Development (summarized):

  1. Mini-Game
    Our first Mini-Game, “Tipsy Battles”, is in development.
  2. World Development
    Team is working on world expansion and dungeon development.
  3. Opus Penguins
    The next generation of penguins in TipsyVerse.
  4. TipsyShops
    Buy and sell items from NPCs using $gin.
  5. Procreation
    Breed the next generation of Opus Penguins using Jellybeans.

+more developments that will be mentioned in future blog posts.

Please note, our 1.0 will only be a fraction of the world upon release. We will continue to develop and grow TipsyVerse to amazing lengths to ensure our vision is executed. We will also be releasing a full TipsyVerse Game Wiki prior to release of 1.0, which will contain all info from attributes, items, dungeons, crafting, etc. Stay tuned!


We are pleased to announce that TipsyStake is finally completed. Staking will officially be released soon, and the audit by PeckShield reports no unresolved issues. TipsyStake is the next important step in integrating our projects across multiple blockchains into TipsyVerse, as well as providing additional utility for TipsyCoin ($tipsy), our governance token.

How does it work? TipsyStake allows users to stake and lock their $tipsy for a period of 3 months in order to continuously receive $gin, the in-game currency for our upcoming blockchain integrated Minecraft game (TipsyVerse v1.0). In addition to $gin, TipsyStakers will receive discounts and special perks throughout our ecosystem based on their staking tier, continue earning the reflection rewards built into TipsyCoin, and their staked balance will still count towards governance votes!

Initially, TipsyStake will keep track of and ‘allocate’ your $gin rewards. Once $gin is ready on the Polygon network, TipsyStake can seamlessly switch over to minting both of your previously ‘allocated’, as well as all newly earned, $gin to your Polygon wallet.

More detailed information on TipsyStake to follow soon.

Genesis Penguins Collection

We want to share a few updates in regards to our Genesis Penguin collection on OpenSea. Before we begin, we just wanted to say thank you to all of those who have stuck around through the market corrections and continued to believe in our team. Once the game is released, we will begin to witness exponential growth of the Tipsy ecosystem. We will not disappoint you.

  • Verified on OpenSea

We want to do anything and everything to protect our community. After many fake collections were pretending to be us, we have finally obtained verification on OpenSea. This is our only official Genesis Penguin collection, please always make sure to verify that the blue check is beside our profile name before interacting!

  • Listed on RaritySniper

In case you missed our last blog post, our penguins have been approached and listed by RaritySniper! Although individual rarity rankings for penguins have no implications on privileges, RaritySniper brings additional awareness to our collection. 

  • Only 2.5% Listed

Something we wanted to broadcast is the low listing rate of our collection. Many blue-chip projects maintain a low listing rate (BAYC = 8%; Doodles = 4.7%), where project value can quickly increase and loyal holders can prevent avalanche style sell-offs. Additionally, our volume and floor has been slowly increasing — a great sign before we commence our bigger marketing campaigns.

Increasing Awareness

When we post content videos, they tend to have the most engagement and best reaction. This content usually consists of in-game snippets which demonstrates a real working product. Starting this month, our team will capture and distribute more content to increase our brand awareness. This content will be displayed on all of our socials.

Our biggest marketing campaigns start with the TipsyVerse 1.0 release that’s planned for the end of August. Until then, our brand awareness and marketing campaigns will slowly start to ramp up. With the current market conditions, marketing funds must be used precisely to ensure project longevity. This does not mean that no marketing funds will be spent until then, but rather, used in a way to ensure the highest effectiveness relative to the current market.

Closing Remarks

Once again, we can’t thank you enough for all the immense support the community has been providing! We’re extremely happy to have the opportunity to grow with all of you. The interests of our community remain our highest priority. 

We appreciate you taking the time to read our first bi-weekly blog post! Our next one will be released July 1, stay tuned.

It’s only a matter of time until everyone knows about TipsyVerse!

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