TipsyVerse: Mystery Unveiled

If you’re curious about the narrative of TipsyVerse or have been struggling to connect the dots between penguins and being tipsy, we’d like to assure you that you’re not alone. Lots of people have reached out in hopes of discovering the history of TipsyVerse, but the team has kept this story a tight secret even to our closest partners – some of whom are constantly bugging us for hints!

It is possible because while TipsyCoin’s fundamentals are coded to have a maximum finite supply and We believe that there’s a proper time and place for everything, and today we are finally ready to reveal a little about TipsyVerse to satiate your curiosity.

About TipsyVerse

TipsyVerse is a long-forgotten plane between the physical and virtual worlds. Early civilisations maintained the balance of the two dimensions it sits between, but the land was mysteriously unoccupied and barren until a group of penguins rediscovered it in the present day. 

In TipsyVerse, there exists a supernatural power which a small group of founding penguins, known as Genesis Penguins, were blessed to attain. Careful use of this supernatural power has allowed these Genesis Penguins to create a utopia for others to reside. TipsyZens, citizens of TipsyVerse, are an inclusive society who conduct themselves with the unspoken rules of mutual love and respect. The community flourished and lived in harmony for years.

In a turn of events, mysterious dark energy started consuming parts of TipsyVerse, summoning Dark Forces that wreaked havoc in the land. Genesis Penguins were powerful but few. Looking for strength in numbers, they now seek the help of humans to join the fight against the Darkness.

What are we trying to accomplish with TipsyVerse?

As a team made up of gamers, we believe in the power of harnessing something revolutionary, something refreshing. More than a dynamic and visually stunning game for mass adoption, TipsyVerse is a platform that advocates for mental wellness.

The Dark Forces are manifestations of greed, sadness, envy, and other negative emotions from the physical and virtual worlds. The aim is for people to now unite with a collective spirit and a common mission.

The storyline has been built in this format to have players bond together to conquer the Dark Forces. This is synonymous with our community helping each other cope with negative feelings and to support those going through dark phases in their own lives.

As the world becomes increasingly isolated, we seek to promote social interactions through TipsyVerse since we believe that human connections are crucial for a healthy mind. Players can hang out with their friends or meet new ones so that they can partake in quests, play mini-games, attend social events, or simply explore TipsyVerse together.

TipsyVerse is accessible to all ages – adults, and children alike. While the game will feature combat against Dark Forces, we do not advocate or condone discrimination or hate.

So, what’s next?

The penguins want to have a chat with us now, so we can’t continue revealing as much as we please. Like every other adrenaline-pumping game, the full history of TipsyVerse should be something that you should experience first-hand, as it will gradually unfold within the game.

Stay tuned. Look out for the launch of TipsyCoin in mid March, and the release of 3,333 Genesis Penguin NFTs in April. Follow our roadmap for more details!

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