TipsyVerse Gameplay Concept

TipsyVerse is a play-to-earn metaverse game where players craft their own adventure.

Unlike other games, in our new world where fantasy meets science fiction, players carve their own unique path based on the activities they choose to participate in.

For some, it might be answering the call to arms to protect TipsyVerse from dark forces, while for others it might be participating in competitive events; designing new experiences or utilising land to carry out commercial trade. While it is a game designed for you, it is also a game designed by you. 

In addition, in-game assets which are NFTs are stored in the blockchain, which enables players full ownership and control over the assets they accumulate.

Tell me more about the gameplay!

The central conflict in TipsyVerse comes from the emergence of a force known as Darkness. This extremely malevolent entity has cast a shadow over TipsyVerse and summoned Dark Forces to wreak havoc in TipsyVerse.

As TipsyZens (citizens of TipsyVerse), players show up and unite in the fight against darkness but they do it in their own unique ways, and their adventure becomes a personal experience where they choose the activities that they would like to explore and spend their time on.

No matter the path, TipsyZens are fighting for the same cause, and they are rewarded for their contributions.

There are multiple fun activities but we wanted to share some of the most adventurous ones:

Dungeon Crawl

TipsyZens who are brave enough to venture into the heart of Darkness and fight its forces, help bring back peace and serenity to TipsyVerse and are rewarded after each dungeon they successfully clear.

But beware… for there are elite forces of Darkness lurking within…

Treasure Hunt

The TipsyZen council transports treasure chests to the most obscure areas of the land, encouraging TipsyZens to go on expeditions in search of these chests.

The light within each and every TipsyZens brightens the areas hidden by the shadows, allowing them to search for these treasures, curbing the growth of Darkness in the process.

These dangerous quests come with exciting rewards, but remember proceed with caution…as it also comes with it’s fair share of danger.

Mini Games

Activities like kart racing spread lots of happiness within the community and is a fun activity to embark on with friends and family.

The happiness and positivity in turn helps scatter the Darkness looming around the city. TipsyZens can essentially help fight darkness just by having fun so everyone can help play a part in defending TipsyVerse.

The TipsyZen council organises Mini Games where TipsyZens can pit against each other for a chance to win rewards.

Story Quests

The fight against Darkness will take you on an adventure to different parts of the enchanted world as you complete various quests and unravel the mysteries of TipsyVerse.

Be rewarded as you progress through the story.

What’s next?

In order to have better context of the gameplay, we invite you to read our narrative blog as well as our GitBook, which we will be constantly updating as the game development progresses through the different stages.

If you’re looking to play a greater role in the community as an investor, then have a say in the DAO and enjoy in-game benefits.

TipsyCoin ($tipsy) will be lauched on 15th March 2022 (A.M. EST).

Follow our discord for first-hand information.

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