$tipsy: a valuable coin to hodl and utilize in TipsyVerse

Article updated on: 29 Jan 2022

TipsyCoin ($tipsy) = currency
TipsyVerse = game
$tipsy is launching in March 2022

A deflationary currency discourages consumer spending. If a currency is expected to appreciate in value, it disincentives economic activity because it causes investors to hold on to the currency instead of spending it. One might think how TipsyCoin ($tipsy) is both a valuable currency to hodl as well as being the currency of a revolutionary metaverse game, TipsyVerse.

It is possible because while TipsyCoin’s fundamentals are coded to have a maximum finite supply and coupled with a burn mechanism that reduces supply, the utility of $tipsy in TipsyVerse is not treated as game spending. Digital items in TipsyVerse are all assets. These include clothes and accessories for characters, transport which players own, and land and houses which players build and personalize. These digital assets are in the form of NFTs and will stay with players forever if they have it. They will appear as NFTs in their wallets unless of course they decide to sell them for a profit using platforms such as OpenSea.

Players in TipsyVerse will not need to eat or drink within the game as a function. The possibility to consume food and drinks in TipsyVerse may be introduced overtime, but this function is purely for cosmetic and entertainment purposes (and will not involve $tipsy); characters in TipsyVerse will not fall ill or suffer death due to thirst or starvation. Since $tipsy is positioned as a valuable coin with hyper-deflationary and reward features, players would not want to use $tipsy in-game to purchase “consumables”, or items that only have temporary benefit. With a foresight to TipsyCoin’s future, all digital assets (NFTs) are assets and can only be bought using $tipsy. NFTs in TipsyVerse are all individually numbered and identifiable. They have varying rarities, from common to uncommon, rare, epic and legendary and for those lucky to get their hands on more exclusive NFTs, they are in the game for huge profits.

Grayscale, the largest digital assets investment company in the world, estimates that the value of virtual gaming worlds could grow from $180 billion in 2020 to $400 billion by 2025. Crypto exchanges including Binance have established digital headquarters within the metaverse where employees can meet and collaborate. With a strong commitment to graphics, innovation and security, TipsyVerse aspires to soar in popularity. We anticipate that the secondary market will likely show that the early entrants of the game sell their assets for way more than the initial price.

TipsyCoin provides holders with many benefits and there’s more to come. It is the currency to counter inflation on Earth, to be rewarded for being part of a loving and happy community, to socialize in TipsyVerse, to acquire rare NFTs directly from the primary market and it offers voting rights according to how much $tipsy one holds.

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