Nov-Dec 2021

Coding & Testing Smart Contracts ✅

Building a Community ✅

Supporting various Charities ✅

Conceptualization of TipsyVerse ✅

Global Media Coverage ✅

Q1 2022

✅ Certik Audit 

✅ Whitepaper 1.0 

✅ Fair Launch of $tipsy on PancakeSwap (15 March)

✅ Passive Income begins as of $tipsy Launch

Q2 2022

Voting & Governance (DAO) ✅

TipsyVerse Game Demo Preview ✅

Sale of Genesis Penguin NFTs (ETH Mainnet) ✅

Scaling up Game Development ⌛

Staking of $tipsy ⌛

Q3 2022

Alpha Version of TipsyVerse 1.0 (Powered by Minecraft)

Play & Earn Minigames to be ready

Launch of Tipsy Friendship Program

Launch of $gin, the In-Game Currency for TipsyVerse

Development for Tipsy DApp

Q4 2022

Introduction of Companion Breeding

Launch of DApp Marketplace

First NFT Land Sale of 5,000 plots (ETH mainnet)

NFT Sale of Weapons, Wearables & Mounts (Polygon)

Beta Launch of TipsyVerse 1.0 (Powered by Minecraft)


Sale of Remaining NFT Land Plots (ETH Mainnet)

New Play & Earn Minigames for TipsyVerse 1.0

Pre-Alpha Version of TipsyVerse 2.0 (leveraging on Unreal Engine 5)