Rarity Rankings for Genesis Penguins Explained

Hey TipsyFam! Genesis Penguins are extremely adorable companions and are classified under 4 different Rarity categories – Common, Rare, Legendary and 1 of 1. There are only 2,345 of them in total and with our ongoing developments, we foresee massive demand, even for the Common ones. 

Comparison between each Rarity Category

CommonRareLegendary1 of 1
Aesthetic FeaturesCommon TraitsRare TraitsLegendary TraitsAll traits are one of ones
Max Level5101520
Staking BenefitsEarn $ginEarn more $gin than staking a CommonEarn more $gin than staking a RareEarn more $gin than staking a Legendary

The table above is a summary, but we’ll explain in more detail:

Availability: This denotes the total number of Genesis Penguins under each category. There will never be anymore Genesis Penguins available. Genesis Penguins can make babies, called Opus Penguins. 

Aesthetic Features: These are the different traits of the penguins – Accessories, Background, Body, Eyes, Fur, Head & Mouth.

Max Level: Penguins can be leveled up so that they have higher stats and utility in TipsyVerse. All Genesis Penguins start from level 1. A level 1 Rare will have higher stats than a level 1 Common, etc. A Common penguin can go up to level 5 at most, while a Rare can go up to 10, Legendary to 15, and 1 of 1 to 20. The mechanisms for leveling up your Genesis Penguin have not been released yet.

Staking: Genesis Penguins can be staked to earn $gin. Rarer penguins will yield more $gin.

Individual Rarity Rankings of Genesis Penguins

Individual rarity rankings for penguins have no implications on utility or privileges, and are solely informational. Our TipsyFam asked if there were individual rarity rankings for each penguin and so, on 6 May, we released a Google document which ranked each penguin individually. The methodology we used accounted for the number of times a trait appeared throughout the collection, and we attributed a score to each penguin (with a lower total score reflecting a higher individual rarity ranking). This had no impact on the Rarity Categories which each penguin already has, since a Common penguin is “Common” as reflected in the NFT’s metadata, and correspondingly, on OpenSea’s filters.

Recently, we were approached by RaritySniper and we agreed for our Genesis Penguin collection to be featured on their platform. This brings us added visibility. We understand that a different ranking methodology was applied, whereby the number of times a trait appears throughout the collection is then divided by 2345 (the total number of penguins), and a percentage is derived. The overall percentage is then the consideration for the penguin’s individual rarity score, and ranking. Both ours and RaritySniper’s methodologies did not consider any weights given for certain traits, since all traits carry equal weightage in accounting for the penguin’s rarity. 

After multiple discussions, we decided to adopt RaritySniper’s ranking approach and have since updated our Google document. Once again, please note that the penguin’s individual ranks do not affect its utility. The 4 Rarity Categories (Common, Rare, Legendary & 1 of 1) should be the main consideration of a penguin’s rarity, since all penguins that are within the same category will have exactly the same utility and privileges (before factoring their individual levels, as explained in the table above).

What’s Next?

Every penguin is unique in its own right. Each Genesis Penguin will offer unparalleled benefits in TipsyVerse. Let’s make sure they all find their right homes and owners. Lastly, here’s a teaser on Opus Penguins: the probability of generating a rarer Opus Penguin depends solely on the Jellybean (an element needed). All Genesis Penguin holders will receive Jellybean airdrops, one per Genesis Penguin they own, and the Jellybean airdrop will correspond to the rarity of their Genesis Penguin (a Common Genesis Penguin holder will receive 1 Common Jellybean, etc).

Airdrops have not been done yet. Continue to follow our updates, and see you around! P.S. we are verified on OpenSea, so please trade safely.

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