Potential Decentraland Competitor?

This is our future. TipsyVerse is a diverse world created by us for humans. In this game, you spend, live and earn with TipsyCoin ($tipsy) as the only currency. $tipsy will have a stronger utility than ever. TipsyVerse will connect to your wallet and load your exclusive NFTs for the world to envy.


Dress your character with wearables, from clothes and sneakers to luxury jewelry in a variety of brands. Snag your preferred transport to travel across land, seas or skies. Attend the land auctions and you can build your house to your liking, on your land parcel. Standard building materials are for free while premium supplies are an option for the more affluent. Furniture is available too, for those who appreciate designer dining sets and bathtubs. All wearables, transport, accessories and land parcels in TipsyVerse are in the form of NFTs. Users have to connect their wallets to TipsyVerse and their NFTs will load within the game, available for their exclusive use.


Walk your character with simple controls and you will be meeting other characters who have all decided to explore TipsyVerse, just like you. Communicate with strangers and you will make friends sooner than you think – you can even have a partner and get married. Bond with friends during roulette and poker games or try the slot machines. Have the opportunity to party with celebrities in clubs and get access to front-row concert seats if you are a TipsyVIP. You can also engage with characters over bowling, swimming, skiing, go-karting, beer pong, darts, tennis and golf. Take part in various competitions and stand to win $tipsy.


Our NFTs are ranked in order of rarity – from common to legendary. If you get access to the rarer NFTs, you will be the envy of many and can choose to enjoy these while playing the game, or to sell them. All wearables, transport, accessories, land parcels and other items are tradable. Users can utilize resale platforms such as Binance-backed Brytehall or OpenSea to flip their NFTs for a profit. All NFTs are limited in supply and are individually numbered and identifiable. Even after exiting TipsyVerse, users can see their NFTs displayed in their wallets, as long as their wallet interface supports this.

The $tipsy team is investing heavily into TipsyVerse. We have expanded our graphics team to include 3D modeling artists and level designers. Let’s get $tipsy…

Chief Penguin

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