Sharpen Your Edge Against The Darkness with NFT Assets

Item, land, and companion NFTs assist you in TipsyVerse.
You are the true owner of the assets you purchase or earn in the game.

All NFTs are usable for TipsyVerse 1.0 and 2.0.

2345 Minted.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Companion NFTs

Genesis Penguins

The first 2,345 penguins that entered TipsyVerse, known as Genesis Penguins, were blessed by the magic left behind by the ancient civilisation that’s now extinct.

Genesis Penguins possess supernatural abilities and empower the human player that they choose to fight alongside.

There will never be more Genesis Penguins.

2345 Genesis Penguins exist.


More Flippers Are Better Than Less

TipsyZen scientists are testing out a procedure to ‘breed’ Genesis Penguins.

It’s unclear if the penguins bred through the process are possess the same strength as the Genesis Penguins. But one thing’s for sure, the Darkness is spreading and TipsyZens need all the help they can get.

Breeding - TBA


Fight Mobs With Ease

Choose based on your preference of melee, ranged, or magic fighting styles. Weapons are imbued with special powers and greatly increase your fighting power against Dark Forces.

With a range of aesthetic options, power levels and rarities, it doesn’t hurt to look good while you slay.


Choose a Mount & Ride in Style

Choose from a range of Vehicles to glide through roads, skies and seas. Certain Vehicles open up access to a whole new world within TipsyVerse.

Not only are Vehicles transport options, but you can pick a ride and race with other players across different terrains.


Shop the Latest Wearables for your Character

Buy and sell Wearables for your character in the TipsyVerse Marketplace. Choose what best suits your play style or personality.

The range includes head gear, upper & lower body wear, footwear, and various forms of accessories.


Own, Build & Monetize Land

Buy and own land in TipsyVerse. Build your dream home or develop a fantasy-themed maze, grand casino or even an art museum.

Monetize land by renting it out for events, or build your own commercial skyscraper to host merchants.

Learn more about the world of TipsyVerse on our GitBook.