What is the Marketplace?

The Marketplace is where you will be able to purchase in-game NFTs such as Land, Vehicles and Wearables using TipsyCoin ($tipsy).

The NFTs you buy can be utilized in TipsyVerse, our upcoming metaverse game. All NFTs are of limited supply and are ranked in order of rarity: common, uncommon, rare, epic & legendary. When you are not in-game, you can still view your NFTs by accessing your wallet since your NFTs sit safely with you all the time unless you choose to trade them.

The Marketplace is launching in 2022.

Own, Build & Monetize Land

You can buy and own land in TipsyVerse. Build your dream home and invite your friends to hang out. Or develop a fantasy-themed maze, grand casino or even an art museum. For income opportunities, you can acquire more land to monetize it by providing ad spaces to established brands or you can build your own commercial skyscraper and rent out offices.

Choose a Vehicle & Ride in Style

TipsyVerse spans an impressive land area, so you need Vehicles to get around more efficiently plus they are fun! Not only are Vehicles transport options, but you can pick a ride and race with other players across different terrains. Choose from a range of Vehicles to glide through roads, skies and seas. Certain Vehicles open up access to a whole new world within TipsyVerse.

Shop the Latest Wearables for your Character

Buy and sell Wearables for your character in the TipsyVerse Marketplace. Choose what best represents your personality and dress to impress. The range includes head accessories, upper & lower body wear, various forms of footwear, eyewear, jewelry and watches.