Making a difference

I’m glad to have a remarkable humanitarian acknowledge us. Anja Ringgren Lovén (rated world’s most influential person (2016), beating Obama & the Pope in ratings) is a dear friend.

TipsyCoin has saved 81 children in Nigeria by providing them food, shelter and education. Our contribution to Land of Hope fights against the accusations made about children being witches, a menace which has led to the stigmatization, torture, abandonment and killing of thousands of children in Nigeria. Due to the lack of education, families often pin the blame on innocent young kids for disastrous events including the passing of an elderly member within the village or the failing of crops due to poor weather. Since families can’t rationalize the low level of development and coupled with the lack of birth control, thousands of children fall prey to various forms of abuse. We will continue supporting Anja and I look forward to making $tipsy a top #100 crypto.

TipsyCoin is not just a token. As we launch $tipsy, we would like to involve our community to vote for causes that they are most passionate about. Let us be part of a journey of love and happiness.

Chief Penguin

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