Introducing TipsyCoin!

Hey humans, I’m Pingu. The strongest friendships are built through music, food and drinks.

Being tipsy makes us happy. Happiness contributes to a better world. We created TipsyCoin using our secret recipe to create a global community of love, joy and laughter.

This is the first ever blockchain project that has an all penguin team. Some of our ingredients have evaporated, so we could only create 100 billion $tipsy. TipsyCoin has a fixed supply and no more of it can ever be made. $tipsy is a mild alcohol suitable for humans of all ages and all health conditions. Launching on PancakeSwap (Binance Smart Chain) in the first quarter of 2022, our Liquidity Pool will be locked for 5 years. Hold tight because we have not announced the contract address. The team’s allocation of 10% of token supply will be vested over 12 months, so we are here to stay.

We want to grow the community, so there is no tax for buying $tipsy. I hope that our bond will last forever, so if you decide to sell some tipsy 😥 there is a 10% alcohol tax. 4% out of this 10% tax collected will go towards $tipsy holders who will automatically earn more $tipsy just by holding it in their wallets. Another 4% will go towards a buyback fund (tipsyVault) and the team will do strategic burns that would help stabilize and increase the $tipsy price. The final 2% will go towards TipsyCoin’s sustainability, operations, marketing and future developments.

To find out more about how it works, visit our Tokenomics page.

I strongly believe in giving back. We have a charity wallet that constitutes 3% of the total token supply, right from the start. Please share with us about the non-profit causes you think we should support and we will reach out to them.

The future will be filled with cool NFTs, VIP access for clubs and front-row concert seats in the metaverse. Look out for my Tweets during Happy Hours! You should be a part of our Discord too. Hopefully one day, you will be able to join us in Antarctica (bring your icebreakers) and we would love to show you our hospitality.

CAUTION: Do not buy too much TipsyCoin. You will get drunk.

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