Genesis Penguin Mint Details

Launching this April.

Penguins in cool 3D art. Unique stats and utility in TipsyVerse. Game Demo of TipsyVerse will be out in a few weeks, before minting starts.

You can vibe with friends & explore parts of TipsyVerse on Minecraft. From Q3 this year, your Genesis Penguin can be your bff in-game or help you fight in quests, to enjoy income. Until then, these penguins make awesome profile pictures, offer you an identity in the metaverse, and will let you earn free airdrops.

They are Cute. They are Exclusive. Total Supply = 3,333. There can never be more Genesis Penguins. Ever.

Stage 1 of Mint

Mint Date: mid to end April (TBA).
Penguins to be Released in Stage 1: = 1,111
For OGs & Whitelists only: You have 24 hours to mint.
Gas fees are optimized.
The number of OGs + Whitelisted members will exceed 1,111, so minting is on a first come, first serve basis (fastest fingers win).

TipsyDiamonds: Don’t worry. You have guaranteed allocation of penguins to mint, once the 1,111 are minted. You can mint 2 penguins for every 100 million $tipsy you have. You will mint after the OGs & Whitelists, and have 24 hours.
Whatever you mint is also part of the 3,333 supply. The total number of Genesis Penguins remain the same.

The rarity / type of Genesis Penguins are randomized, so it is completely fair for all. We will collect your wallet addresses at a later date. Only the wallet addresses we collect and program are able to mint.

Free Ingredient to make Babies

1x Enchanted Jellybean will be airdropped for free to every Genesis Penguin holder, at a later date. The Jellybean is important if you want to have a baby penguin. The babies are called Opus Penguins.

We will take a snapshot of the Genesis Penguin owner list, so if the penguin is not in your possession during the time of the snapshot, you will not receive this airdrop.

Free 2x Rare NFTs

Mint in Stage 1 and receive a rare weapon and a rare mount NFT. Useful in TipsyVerse.
You need to hold your minted Genesis Penguin until you receive the gifts. If you sell your penguin, and then buy another one from OpenSea, you will not qualify for this gift. If you don’t mint your penguin in Stage 1 and simply buy one from OpenSea, you also do not qualify.

Mint Price

OGs / Whitelists: 0.15 ETH each.
TipsyDiamonds: 0.10 ETH each.
Each TipsyDiamond can mint 2 Penguins per 100m $tipsy they hold.

You are still eligible for the TipsyDiamond status if you have at least 100 million $tipsy. The Whitelist program we have is also still ongoing. Participate in our Discord.

Stage 2 of Mint

If you are an OG / Whitelisted but are unable to mint in Stage 1, you can mint in Stage 2 (where all the remaining Genesis Penguins will be).
Mint Date: TBA after Stage 1 is complete
Mint Price: > 0.15 ETH
Freebies: 1x Enchanted Jellybean. No rare weapon or mount NFTs.

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