A Unified Metaverse

friendship program

Display your NFTs
in TipsyVerse

Show off your NFT in TipsyVerse as you roam the open-world. Simply connect your wallet, select the NFT and showcase it.

Provide utility to
your NFT holders

Gone are the days when your NFT is just a pfp. Integrate to our metaverse and provide utility and function to your holders.

Connecting Different NFT
projects into one metaverse

A true metaverse is one that is interconnected. TipsyVerse wants to pioneer this collaborative movement to create a unified metaverse.

Apply now

We are always on a lookout for like-minded teams to work with.

If you are involved in an NFT or GameFi project and you’re looking to collaborate with us, please reach out and we can discuss opportunities for your project or NFTs to have a presence and utility in TipsyVerse.