A Spectacular Launch that will Transform the Metaverse

Hello TipsyFam, we are blessed to share the success of our launch, which describes what might be the most exciting 24 hours the team has gone through ever since the TipsyVerse journey has begun. 

I would like to start by thanking all of you, early $tipsy holders and supporters! We couldn’t have made it without your love and support, and for that we are grateful to each and every one of you.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the analysis of the launch and review the hot topics which were gathered from the conversations in our community:

Our Anti-Bot Measures

One of the most talked about topics was the bots (or potential bots) at launch, so let’s discuss that first. 

Our anti-bot measures successfully stopped hundreds of snipers and bots, and was far more carefully considered and executed when compared to the majority of other projects, but they weren’t perfect: TipsyCoin has always been very transparent that our code is a bot deterrent, and needs to strike a balance between preventing bots while still allowing regular users to buy and sell at launch without draconian restrictions. 

In order to build community trust that our project and code wasn’t malicious or a rug pull, we also needed to provide our token smart contract addresses, and code, ahead of launch so it could be checked by the community. This also meant, however, that prolific bot builds were able to freely examine the code and determine how best to evade any anti-bot / sniper code. But this is true regardless of what arbitrary restrictions TipsyCoin would have put in place – there is always going to be an optimal strategy to buy at launch, and these prolific bot builders will always find a way to execute that optimal strategy.

However, our internal investigation has shown that the few bots that did evade our restrictions bought and sold in the first few blocks to arbitrage the launch price, where they largely competed against (and dumped on,) other bots, and they’re also now completely out of the ecosystem. Further, these bots were still subject to our 10% Sell tax, and so the majority failed to turn any kind of meaningful profit.

Regardless, our launch event was a huge success and the price of $tipsy increased exponentially within split seconds. In the 24 hours since launch we amassed over 2,700 holders, with only 8 holding over the initial transaction limit (excluding the previously communicated team & project contract addresses). We’ve also personally checked the transaction history of our top holders, and none were determined to have bot activity – they were just excited to join the TipsyVerse.

Prevented Bot Transactions 

Liquidity Pool Locked for 5 years


100% of the Liquidity Pool was automatically locked for 5 years (an eternity in the crypto world) once the token went live. Industry standard implementation for locking LP was used and the Address and source code for our LP lock is publicly viewable here.

Vested Team Equity

The team’s 10% equity is vested over a year, which means that we have every incentive to build TipsyVerse and to revolutionize the ecosystem. The game has already started development and we will have a TipsyVerse Minecraft server for our community to spawn and vibe within the next few weeks. While waiting, all $tipsy holders are already accumulating rewards automatically, conveniently, and with no security risks. 

DEXTools Wrongly Displays Sell Transactions

Because TipsyCoin contains uniquely innovative logic and isn’t just a clone of another token, DEXTools seems to have particular problems tracking Sells for our token. 

As TipsyCoin uses three internal transactions during its tax collection, it emits three events (which correctly follows the ERC20 spec). DEXTools is unfortunately confused by this, and shows Sells coming from the wrong address (usually from the now infamous address: 0x884c908ea193b0bb39f6a03d8f61c938f862e153, which is in fact our marketing / future development fund). 

We’re working with DEXTools to try and resolve the issue, but in the meantime users can use this charting tool to track token transactions and confirm that the usual Sell behavior shown by DEXTools is in error.

We’ve also seen some concerns that the DEXTools Sell bug may be a result of malicious or malfunctioning code included in TipsyCoin. With this, we just want to reassure the community that TipsyCoin was fully audited by CertiK, a top auditing group that has provided audits for many other high profile DeFI projects like PancakeSwap and Decentraland. TipsyCoin engaged in a month-long audit process with CertiK and all issues, Minor and above were either permanently mitigated or resolved well before launch. 

Feel free to check out our CertiK audit report, with TipsyCoin’s detailed write-up of our audit on our Medium page. This security first approach goes for our proxy contracts and upgrades, too. Included in the audit is how we will manage proxy upgrades – all admin roles are held by 48 hour Timelocks and multi-sigs. This means a majority vote of our multi-sig, followed by a 48 hour Timelock ‘notice period’ exists for all of our proxy upgrades to sensitive contracts.

In summary, users can be confident that TipsyCoin’s contracts are audited and secure, but, due to our unique and innovative code, some token sniffers and price trackers have had trouble keeping up, and don’t report on TipsyCoin correctly.

Launch Time Announcements

TipsyCoin was incorporated with principles of democracy and equality. Having a fair-launch,without preferential allocations, was the spirit of our project. We understand that some investors would have preferred a stealth launch approach since they had dedicated the day to buying $tipsy, sitting at their desktops and refreshing PancakeSwap continuously. In the end, we are pleased with our decision of announcing the exact launch time so that we would not waste people’s time.

Provision of the Contract Address Before the Launch

We released the $tipsy contract address before the launch. Our community had requested for the contract address so that they could prepare for importing and adding the $tipsy contract address into PancakeSwap, and in their MetaMask / Trust Wallets. Since we uphold full transparency, we felt it was appropriate and to the benefit of our community to release the contract address in advance. 

Users also need to be able to view the contract address before launch to verify the contract isn’t malicious, and that the code matches what’s on our Github. Having a published and well known contract address is also required to fight ‘fakes’ being posted to Discord & Telegram. It’s extremely common for bad actors to spam fake addresses and claim it’s the real coin. By having our contract address published ahead of time, we saved our community from being scammed.

The Journey Ahead

Our community will grow organically, without a short-lived fad, since natural and consistent adoption is key to our success. We are building a revolutionary game that has a 2-tiered currency that addresses the issue of crumbling economics that most metaverse games are faced with. 

$tipsy will have immense utility and is hyper-deflationary, unlike the primary (and sole) currency of MANA or $SAND. Our whitepaper sets out that a currency has to be sustainable in its own right, before even being part of a play-to-earn gaming ecosystem.

We trust that our community appreciates that a high-octane game is approaching, and that we have kept to our scheduled timelines since we were incepted over 4 months ago. Staking $tipsy will be a feature rolled out in Q2, 2022, and we have already commenced development of the staking contracts / mechanisms. The price of a coin or token is the result of a solid product, and $tipsy is undoubtedly a bargain at current prices. 

TipsyDiamond Role

We now present TipsyDiamond: the most exclusive club within our Discord community and beyond. $tipsy holders must maintain a minimum of 100,000,000 $tipsy to qualify to be TipsyDiamond. 

Benefits include:

  • 1 free plot of land in TipsyVerse. We want you to build your dream home and a business that will earn you income. Imagine launching your very own cinema or golf course! Details on the land plots will be released closer to Q3, 2022.
  • An OG Spot to have first access to mint our Genesis Penguins before “regular whitelisted” users. The OG spot also allows the user to mint 2 Genesis Penguins. The minting of Genesis Penguins will be in April 2022.
  • A privileged mint price for TipsyDiamond members to mint their Genesis Penguins.
  • TipsyDiamonds get access to an exclusive chat channel that will feature giveaways, information to other coveted projects, and a suite of perks that will be introduced in future (hospitality benefits including priority reservations and money-can’t-buy-experiences).
  • TipsyDiamonds will enjoy super rare, personalized merchandise that will be gifted to them. We are currently exploring a gold-plated coin set with a diamond, each individually numbered, to offer our TipsyDiamonds. 

How do you get verified if you hold 100,000,000 $tipsy or more? 

Join our Discord community (if you haven’t), and follow the instructions for the Collab-Land that we have set up. 

We will guide you on how to get your wallet verified, and you have to do this process within our Discord server, under the “#collabland-join” channel (do not click any external links). Please do not click on any Discord DMs or links claiming to be Collab-Land, because there are imitation versions of this software. 

Do note that if you were to hold 100,000,000 $tipsy, get yourself verified as TipsyDiamond, and then sell your $tipsy, you will automatically lose your TipsyDiamond role since Collab-Land reads the data from your wallet directly, almost real-time. Clicking “approve” does not allow Collab-Land to perform any transactions, it only reads data from your wallet. Collab-Land is a feature used and trusted by well-established projects and millions of people globally.

Lastly, we are working on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko listings, and $tipsy holders will be able to see the worth of their $tipsy holdings on their wallets (MetaMask / Trust Wallet) once these listings are live.

Thank you, once again, and I believe that our community will develop tightly-knit bonds that will last a lifetime. 


Join the journey:
How to buy $tipsy
Contract address: 0xe097bcEb09bfb18047Cf259F321cC129b7bEba5e

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