A Note On Game Development

A note from Deiparous.

ForeverTipsy and I believe in delivering substance. We know the power of a good product and how important quality is for our audience, and it is with such a mindset and conviction that we have kept our heads down over the past few months and dedicated 100% of our efforts towards producing a phenomenally well thought through game.

Even as we’re gearing up for the launch of our coin on 15th March 2022, we haven’t shifted our focus from other areas. We are, in parallel, working tirelessly behind the scenes on our game development and our fully-fledged play-to-earn metaverse game will now be available as early as Q3 of 2022 – in the form of TipsyVerse 1.0 powered by Minecraft.

A turnaround this fast is only possible when we control our own investments. We have invested our own funds to hire a team of global talent working across all areas of our project: from smart contract development, design, game development, marketing, to community management.

Such is our belief across all areas of the projects’ success that we have continued our game development in parallel to our NFT and coin launch. Unlike other projects, our game development is not contingent on the success of our NFT sale or coin launch – we will launch the game regardless of whether we mint out or not.

Our Vision

We want to pioneer the ownership of digital assets through P2E blockchain gaming where players get to own their in-game items.

Traditionally, players spend countless hours accumulating in-game items that they do not actually own. The gaming companies retain actual item ownership and players get nothing in return when they decide to leave the game.

Blockchain technology enables true ownership of digital assets. Items obtained by a player are assets that they can entirely control. Whether their decision is to keep or sell it for a profit, players can act in full autonomy.

Our game ecosystem is built for the benefit of the players. We will empower them to own their digital assets in a future that is phygital – where the line between digital and physical experiences are blurred.

Watch Out, We Are Coming!

We are not fans of creating hype around unrealistic expectations that would never materialize. I’ve seen hyped projects that grew quickly in followers but tanked right after the mint. As you see, we’re not looking for quantity, we’re looking for quality. Our focus is to build a community that truly believes in the project. Therefore, instead of creating hype and getting a massive amount of followers, we dedicate our time towards development.

We began working on the game strategy and concepts in December last year, starting with concept art and storyboarding. We have since hired a team of developers and builders who have spent the past month laying the important groundwork such as terraforming the landscape according to the TipsyVerse map and developing custom voxel models for the in-game assets (yes, the background used in the cover photo is a sneak peek of the actual game world!).

I strongly believe that with a great working product, the coin price and NFT will reflect accordingly and the community will grow organically. This will happen, and this is a long-term project that we are fully committed to. Afterall, how can we keep such a cool product away from you?

We are incredibly excited for the game and trust that you are too!

With love,

P.S. Note that the fair launch of our governance coin, TipsyCoin ($tipsy) will be on 15th March 2022 (A.M. EST).
The estimated time and contract address will be published firsthand on discord.

As always, DYOR, read about our tokenomics here.

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