An Open-World Metaverse




TipsyVerse, an open-world metaverse game. This is the new era where the physical and virtual worlds collide, giving birth to your own digital identity. Explore, socialize and earn in this immersive dimension.

Coming Soon




TipsyVerse 1.0

Powered by Minecraft with NFT and Blockchain interoperability


TipsyVerse 2.0 (Alpha-Release)

Leveraging Unreal Engine 5

P2E Minecraft Metaverse

TipsyVerse 1.0

In TipsyVerse, players progress through a story quest and participate in various activities, earning $gin and NFTs along the way.

Play-to-Earn activities include fighting mobs, competitive events like kart-racing, and resource trading.

Coming Q3 2022. Demo available now.

Companion NFTs

Genesis Penguins

Companions that fight alongside you and provide you various benefits in TipsyVerse. 2345 Genesis Penguins exist (988 Burnt). They are our first and most coveted NFT collection.


State-of-the-art governance coin

As a hyper-deflationary coin with passive rewards, leave $tipsy in your wallet to earn more of it. 

Stake $tipsy for in-game benefits.

TipsyCoin is on PancakeSwap


Choose From Various Activities

Receive $gin and consumables for your participation.

Dungeon Crawls

Fight the spawns of Darkness and protect TipsyVerse.

Treasure Hunts

Search for Treasure Boxes and win surprise rewards.

Mini Games

Pit against others in Kart Racing, Battle Royale, etc.


Collect and trade NFTs


Adopt Genesis Penguins and let them assist you in your battle.


Arrive to battle in style with unique mounts and equip enchanted swords or magic staffs.


Own land to rent commercially or build your dream home in TipsyVerse.


Take time off to have fun

Sight Seeing

Immerse in the sights and sounds of TipsyVerse.

Casual Activities

Gather your friends for a ski trip, skydiving session, or try your luck in the Grand Gin Casino.

Live Events

Attend music festivals, celebrity meet and greets, fashion shows, etc.

Learn more about the world of TipsyVerse on our GitBook.